Thursday, February 25, 2010

Big Buddha Bags!

Your favorite bag is back in some fierce colors for the spring! This bag was so great in the fall that there was no way we could pass up these great colors for spring. We all know how great this bag is, so come check out these colors! Remember it's the Mia and the Rose and they are both $79! Also take a peek at the new style that Big Buddha added to their collection. You can always count on Big Buddha for stylish, eye catching bags!

Designer Spotlight: Monique Malkowski of Silent Gypsy

Silent Gypsy is a brand new line to J.Karma and we are really excited. In the words of designer Monique Malkowiski; I capture the spirit of an ever-changing environment and natures imperfections and I translate that into unique, indie jewelry. Muses Monique "I'm inspired by the gypsy lifestyle of moving place to place and not really having rules in terms of fashion... gypsies wear every piece they own at the same time; mixing metals, textures and pull it all together effortlessly." Her designs showcase a unique use of mixed materials, asymmetric lines and rugged textures combined with feminine accents throughout. I prefer to wear at least 3 of her necklaces all at once! They look so good layered!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One of my Favorite Things.

This necklace from Tangled Up in Blue Designs is so beautiful. I look at it all the time and wish I had an occasion for it. This necklace is such a statement piece and I am all about statement jewelry. There is something so effortless about it but yet it will attract alot of attention. Cynthia Ray of Tangled Up in Blue is a local designer and we just stocked the shelves with new jewelry of hers, but this remains my favorite!

2010 Flower Show Window Display Contest

This year Jeanne and I entered the Flower Show Window Design Contest! It's just for fun but deep down in my stomach I want to win! I don't know about you but we have been longing for Spring time and with all of this snow we just can't wait. So our inspiration came from our desire for spring time. The judging will take place on Wed. February 24th at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Wish us luck and come by and check our window out or take a peek at the photos!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February: Shoe of the Month

February shoe of the month is 50% OFF! That puts these babies at less than $100 and thats a whole lota boot right there! They can be worn cuffed or uncuffed. I personally love them uncuffed, over the knee style but it's nice that you can switch it up every once in a while. They were just in our email blast today and I have already a few pairs set aside for some ladies. Good job girls, open up those emails!!

One Of My Favorite Things.

It is jewelry overload in here! We just got in loads of jewelry and a few new bags so I dug through it all and just could not stop thinking about this necklace. Marlyn Shiff is from Ardmore, PA! Our neighbors, sweet! She is well know around the country all due to her great eye for jewelry. This chainmaile necklace is currently my favorite item in the store! I adore it! Check it out in the picture above!

P.s. That's me! Photo by Courtney Apple