Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's That Time of Year Again. We Are So Happy!

I hope you all are enjoying this weather! I know we certainly are. I have to admit I was a little caught off guard yesterday and by the time I got to the store I had to ditch some layers. No complaints over here though, after all the cold and the rain a little sweat never hurt anyone! I am really excited to switch up the wardrobe a little bit so stay tuned to see what my go to accessories are at the moment!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Hello, Hello

Hi everyone! I'm Naomi, and I'm going to be doing some guest blogging over here at Jkarma. If you come in on the weekends, you've probably seen me. First things first, before I give you more of an intro to myself, we're having a 3day sale at the boutique starting today. All Spring shoes are 20% off. So get your butts down here and  try on some shoes! You won't regret it.

All business aside, let me introduce myself more. I'm a college senior over at Drexel University, and I've been working at JKarma for about three months now. Interests-wise, fashion is my number one. I'd describe my style as "polished eclectic." I love to mix bohemian and edgy styles with clean lines and classic pieces. Besides being obsessed with apparel, I love to travel. I have an addiction to frozen yogurt. Outside of work, you'll rarely see me without my dog, Abigail. You could say she's the goof and I'm her ball. In my spare time I love to make jewelry, read, and cheer on the Phils.

...that's enough talking about myself, yeah? Here's a menage of photos I've thrown together for inspiration this morning. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April "Shoe of the Month"

Brought to you by Jeffrey Campbell Shoes..
Her name is Kone.

Was $124  NOW $99.20!!

You can't go wrong with a pair of Jeffrey Campbell's right?! Who's with me?
Get these while they're HOT (I only said that because that's what people say, don't they?)
What I really mean is, get them while they are UNDER $100!!

The NEW Fit Flop

You must be familiar with the Fit Flop by now, right? There is a lot to be said about this sandal. The reaction customers have had over this sandal has been unbelievably positive. Not that we didn't think this was a great shoe, we just had no idea people would be falling all over themselves for them. (Jeanne, I'm talkin' to YOU!)

Let me take you back to the first time Jeanne and I laid our eyes on the Fit Flop. Our initial thought was Is this really our customer? To which our sales rep responded "What'ya mean? They are for everyone. They are going to fly off the shelf and you'll be placing a re-order." We took that response with a grain of salt as we do with all of our sales reps. (Listen, we love our sales reps especially YOU Robbie Martini! Thats his REAL name! HA) We just have to make sure we are making the right decision during the buying process, ya know?

With that being said we "took a chance" on the Fit Flop and we (Jeanne) could not be happier. Every time a 1st timer comes in and buys a pair I always say "see you for your next pair soon!", and I mean that. Do you do a lot of walking? Are you on you're feet all day long? Do you have back pains? If so, these might be the shoes for you!

Here are some of the perks..
- Reduces back stress
- Increases bottom muscle activation (up to 30%)
- Increases thigh muscle activation (up to 16%)
- Reduce knee joint stress
- Increase calf muscle activation (up to 11%)
- Reduce ankle joint stress
- Reduce foot pressure concentration
- Also, you'll have a nice butt and muscular legs (HA)

For the most the Fit Flops are very "sporty" looking but this year they "jazzed" them up! These can easily be worn with a maxi dress, sun dress, or jeans and a tank! Check it out..

And of course we have more!