Friday, April 15, 2011

Hello, Hello

Hi everyone! I'm Naomi, and I'm going to be doing some guest blogging over here at Jkarma. If you come in on the weekends, you've probably seen me. First things first, before I give you more of an intro to myself, we're having a 3day sale at the boutique starting today. All Spring shoes are 20% off. So get your butts down here and  try on some shoes! You won't regret it.

All business aside, let me introduce myself more. I'm a college senior over at Drexel University, and I've been working at JKarma for about three months now. Interests-wise, fashion is my number one. I'd describe my style as "polished eclectic." I love to mix bohemian and edgy styles with clean lines and classic pieces. Besides being obsessed with apparel, I love to travel. I have an addiction to frozen yogurt. Outside of work, you'll rarely see me without my dog, Abigail. You could say she's the goof and I'm her ball. In my spare time I love to make jewelry, read, and cheer on the Phils.

...that's enough talking about myself, yeah? Here's a menage of photos I've thrown together for inspiration this morning. Enjoy!

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