Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy (belated) New Year!!

Dear Blog,
I have totally neglected you for the past month. I have ignored you and left you out of a lot of exciting things that have been going on at J.Karma. For this I apologize and hope you can forgive me.


OK, lets get you caught up!

First things first Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and Happy starting off the new year right!

The Holiday Season can get pretty crazy around here and on top of that a producer from VH1 gave us a ring and wanted to film a segment on handbags for a new reality show! For realzzz! We were excited about this but had to close the shop for a few hours during one of the busiest times of the year! The day came, the cameras and crew blocked the street and it was straight "Hollywood" up in here, but in the end it was a success! I will keep you updated on when to look for us on VH1!

Jeanne and I took a very successful trip to New York and we are VERY excited about all the new products coming for Spring/Summer 2010! Currently we have a small selection of "Spring Preview" bags so come check 'um out!

Right now all of our boots are 25%-35% OFF, even FRYE!! Also select handbags are also on sale!

A post of our January "Shoe of the Month" will follow this but it's super cute and I think you should try 'um on!

Have a great day and stay warm! It's cold out there!!

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