Thursday, February 10, 2011


Yes, I know I know ladies it's a VERY exciting time of the year, but I am going to need you to calm down so I can get through the rest of this post. Thank you ;)

OK. By now we all know what "Shoes & Booze" is all about but what the hey, we are going to go over it one more time because it does sound a tad unbelievable. And maybe there are some newbies out there so lets make sure we are all on the same page. Here it goes..

"Shoes & Booze" at J.Karma is a night you gather all your girlfriends, you get a babysitter if need be, and you make your way to Old City.  This is the one night that you get 40% - 75% OFF that awesome pair of boots you've been lusting over ALL season and you just couldn't bring yourself to buy. For a lot of you this is a night that you buy that awesome pair of boots, that really sexy pump, and that flat you can walk back and forth to work in. Not to mention you can also easily carry that flat over to next seasons wardrobe without breaking the bank. You may break your jaw when it hits the ground when you see all the money you SAVED! (ha, that was my lame attempt at a joke. Some of you laughed right?)

"Shoes & Booze" at J.Karma is also a night that the reps from ABSOLUT Vodka mix you up all of their latest drinks. You and your girlfriends start treating yourselves to a couple cocktails and the next thing you know you're dancing your little heart out singing along to Lady Gaga's "Telephone" in the middle of the store (it's OK, we totally approve) because lets face it shopping for shoes at MAJOR discounts is hard work!

OK, so now that we have that picture painted let me fill you in on the "extras" that will surely help make this one of the best nights of your life, OK maybe your week or even your month is believable. Local Jewelry designer Kelly Jones of "Villette Jewelry" will be here with new jewelry so come out and meet her! Although this event is mostly about the shoes we don't want the handbags and jewelry feeling left out so we are going to go ahead and discount those as well. And don't think we will let you go hungry or drink on a empty stomach, there will be munchies and music! Which means that Jeanne will without a doubt be busting out her dance moves and if you've never seen her bust out in dance then that my friend is reason enough to get out here!

This is by far OUR favorite event, and we hope it's becoming one of yours! So come out and joins us! Mark your calendars for FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 18th! See you then!

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