Thursday, January 27, 2011

10 Things We Love About Winter

The truth is, here at J.Karma we are anything BUT the dead of winter kinda gals.  Instead of sitting around counting down the days until Spring (52 days I think?!), I thought we'd try something a little different. So heres what we love about winter....

1. Boots! I mean HELLO, who didn't see that coming?
2. Knit hats.
3. Faux Fur. Jackets, hats, handbags, boots! Who doesn't LOVE faux fur right now?
4. Tights! Gotta wear em' before it gets too hot.
5. Coffee more than once a day ;) from Cafe Ole in Old City!
6. A Wintry Old City!
7. Impromptu Dance Parties! In the middle of the store. Everyone is welcome.
8. Unpacking NEW Spring Merchandise. I mean if it wasn't for winter we wouldn't  
appreciate the Spring so much, right?
9. Can we say boots again? We really LOVE boots!
10. Layers. All of us here at J.Karma LOVE to layer. Shirts, sweaters, scarves, tights, socks we have the BEST pair of long socks, I have 3 pairs of them. I want to wear them everyday. True story., belts we are big fans of those too!, Boots have we told you how much we love boots?, and of course jewelry. 

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Heather Ashley said...

Dancing like no one is watching..(or are they peeping through JKARMAs window?!) while sipping on a fresh brewed cup of Joe.. while searching for the perfect pair of Anna Sui tights.. sounds like a perfect way to celebrate these winter days!