Thursday, January 20, 2011

Whoa! That's a big bag....

You know what, it is a big bag. It really is. I bought this bag to use as a "carry on" or my "go to" when I go away for the weekend but it has turned into so much more than that. Yesterday I decided that this bag deserves it's own post and this is why....

We hung this bag in the window and from that moment on we got a lot of,

" I walk by here a lot and I saw that bag and HAD to come back and check it out" 
"I was driving by and I HAD to pull over when I saw that bag
"Oh my, look at this bag you guys".

Sometimes when I DIE (in Rachel Zoe's voice) over merchandise, customers don't always have the same reaction. This I will never fully understand but I will accept it. I will, soon very soon. WINK ;)  BUT, I quickly realized that people were sharing my feelings about this bag. You might be thinking "Oh my gosh, chill out about the bag", and if you are having those thoughts you must not have seen the bag yet.... just sayin'. The initial feeling is that this is a great bag and then you start thinking, is this bag too big for me? Well I am going to show you exactly how this bag started as a travel bag and quickly turned into my everyday bag!

1. Extra pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. OK, so maybe you don't think this is necessary but sometimes in the middle of the day you have a change of heart about your outfit. We're not the only one's right? Right? Well this bag allows you the room for your "just in case" shoes and you won't even know they are there.

2. Sunnies/ Gloves/ ipod. I think it's OK to assume that most of you carry these things. Sunnies to block the rays (or to just look cool because lets face it, currently there is a lack of sunshine around here). Gloves because it is cold out there! Geez, 60 something days until Spring!! And my ipod so I can jam out. Jam sesh 2011 style! (HA!)

3. Body Spray/ Lotion/ Necessities. Do you see that clutch poking out of "the bag"? That is where I keep these things. Not only do I keep my body spray and lotion is this clutch, I also have toothbrush, toothpaste, chap-stick, nail file, and deodorant in there! I keep all of these things in the clutch to keep it organized. This way all of my necessities are not floating around my big bag. 

*TIP* Here is a typical scenario. I'm at work and friends invite me out for a drink but I don't feel that I need to bring EVERYTHING to the bar. I quickly removed my ID, Debit card, keys, and cash from their assigned locations and move them into the clutch and out the door I go! I have nicknamed this bag "My survival kit". True story.

4. Wallet/ Bills/ Coffee Card. My wallet, I really LOVE my wallet by Sondra Roberts SR Squared Collection. Bills. Oh, hey PECO I see you! And my coffee card because we love coffee. We really, really do!

5. *NOT PICTURED* Keys/ Purse hook. Somehow these items did not make the shot. That does not mean they are not important because lets face it, without my keys I wouldn't be able to get into the store, start my car, or get into my apartment. And do I really need to express the importance of the purse hook? If your questioning whether or not the purse hook can handle all of this weight, the answer is yes. Yes it can and it does. All the time.   

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