Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Where the heck have we been?!?


Well hello you guys! How the heck are you?!? We are doing GREAT over here on 3rd street but you wouldn't know that because we have been missing in action lately. For that we would like to apologize. I hope you have been keeping up via facebook , twitter , or our weekly emails (if you aren't registered you should be!)

With all of this snow we've been getting all we can think about is SPRING (67 days till Spring, I'm pretty sure...) The countdown began when we received our 1st shipment of Melie Bianco Spring 2011 Bags. The first glimpse of the bright blues, ruffles, and floral patterns had me day dreaming of laying in Washington Square Park sipping an iced coffee from Cafe Ole! Then I opened my eyes, but hey a girl can day dream! Here is a little peek of what you may want hanging off your shoulder as the warmer months approach.

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