Friday, January 14, 2011

NEW! Jan Michaels - San Francisco

Anyone who knows us KNOWS we L.O.V.E Jan Michaels. Her pieces are truly wearable pieces of art. Every time I wear one of her cocktail rings I get tons of compliments!

*Side note* One time I took off one of my rings in a public bathroom to wash my hands and I accidentally left it there!! That was a sad sad day but imagine the person who found it. I would imagine their immediate reaction would have went something like "OMG?!?" or "SCORE, look what I found in the bathroom?!" This is the only thought that makes me feel OK with losing it. It most definitely made someone else's day!

Anyway.... did I mention they are adjustable and most are only $38, so they make a AWESOME gift. Also I find that when I am getting ready for the night, just one piece of Jan's jewelry completely transforms my entire outfit!

1. Jan Michaels - Nautical Ring 2. Jan Michaels - Oval Ring
3. Jan Michaels - Turquoise and Jade Ring
4. Jan Michaels - Sunburst Ring
5. Jan Michaels - Turquoise Snake Ring
6. Jan Michaels - Mermaid Ring
7. Jan Michaels - Cameo Ring
8. Jan Michaels - Cinnabar Ring

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